Lip gloss is a commodity to give a touch of brightness to the face. Silky texture, extra bright and easy to apply.

It comes in three formulations:

Transparent: having no colour, it achieves a natural look.

Subtle colour: pale in its colour formulation, it allows for pearly soft shades, a little glitter and highlights thus achieving a nude-type look.

Intense colour: as the name suggests, it is an explosion of colour. Its red purple hues create spectacular lips.



The lips are a very important part of a good makeup and we treat them as such; we work with two formulations in particular:

Moisturizer: a formulation with emollient and moisturizing properties, comfortable and at the same time long-lasting. Created to suit all kinds of pearly and diamond textures, creamy and intense colours.

Matte: its formulation has been designed for a matte effect without drying your lips. Its components matify the colour without neglecting the lip sensitivity.


We produce two different textures, but with common products. The Karité butter, oils such as calendula and others, turn this product into a lip treatment that hydrates, protects against external agents, either in winter or summer, treating and looking after your lips.

Protector: it comes in three flavours: classic, strawberry and mint.

Balm: it comes in six flavours: cola, berries, cherry, strawberry, peach and watermelon. Unlike the protector, this balm gives a collared shine like a lip gloss.